Our story



OKG is a 100% Czech-owned company with extensive tradition in the area of producing and distributing natural products beneficial to human health and the organism.

The company’s foundation dates back to 2001 and since then, OKG has won over thousands of satisfied clients, who have discovered the favourable effects of natural products and essences on people, their mental vitality and physical fitness.

Our entire product range is produced only in the Czech Republic, and each of our products can boast the label of natural product!

Our aim is to bring OKG products to every home in the Czech Republic, Europe and around the world. We believe that the natural effects of the natural substances contained in our products will continue to improve the quality of human life and will become a natural part of every individual’s nutrition and body care.



To help our clients live a full and high-quality life thanks to natural products, which have a positive effect on their health and overall mental and physical condition.

To open new and liberal business routes geared towards personal and financial independence for every individual, regardless of age, gender, health, nationality, religious or political beliefs, regardless of race, social standing or their past.

To restore people’s dignity, self-awareness, identity and confidence through trust among employees and a liberal form of business.



INTEGRITY: We lead by personal example and do everything to ensure that our actions comply with our ideas.

LOYALTY: We believe in our brand and our products 100%.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: We learn continuously and keep discovering old and new lessons in natural medicine, with the aim of offering only proven, healthy and effective natural substances.

RECOGNITION: We respect our clients, but also each other as employees.

HONOUR: We always strive to keep our promises and commitments to employees and clients without shortcomings.

TRUST: Trust within the company is the keystone of our success.

FRIENDSHIP: We create new friendships among the people who contribute to the overall positive atmosphere within and outside the company.

LOVE: We believe it is important to love yourself, in order to love others.

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