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Mini package OK Gel



OK Gel (3 ml) - a unique product for skin care with soothing and regenerative effects suitable for the whole family, made according to the time-tested recipe from the 17th century using the latest scientific research findings



3 ml

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OK Gel disinfects and soothes irritated skin (when itching, after insect bites, after shave, etc.), and significantly stimulates revitalization processes in it (e.g. in case of abrasions and burns).


OK Gel relieves tired and strained muscles, promotes healthy joint function. It accelerates the absorption of bruises, and has proven to be effective even for contusions. It helps to remove warts, corns, calluses and bedsores, scars ... It is your personal medicine cabinet!



extracts from - Aloe Barbadian, camphorwood (camphor), Carlina acaulis, saffron, white turmeric, turmeric, great yellow gentian, roman chamomile, juniper, manna ash (manna), peppermint, common myrrh, rhubarb, Italian cassia, sage, valerian, Carbomer - thickener, alcohol, water

Recommended Dosage: For outdoor use. Apply in a thin layer to the appropriate area on the skin, the treatment can be repeated several times a day.



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